Personal Narrative Essay: My First High School Dance

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My first school dance
School dances, prom, winter formal, homecoming, the whole thing just seemed kind of lame to me. Maybe because i grew up watching my siblings go to them and not me. Boys came over to pick up my sisters with corsages and limousines. My brother left to go pick up his date just like my sisters had been picked up by theres. Then they left. I never really knew what happened after that. But i knew i would get there soon. So here i am, getting ready for my first highschool dance. My dress is the same one that my mother wore for her first high school dance. Obviously it needed some work but it was beautiful. It was a gorgeous maroon color that got lighter as the room got darker. My mom came in and did my makeup. Suddenly i felt beautiful. The freshmans are only allowed to go to the winter formal but it seemed okay. I’ve been dreading this night for weeks. Mostly because the guy who had asked me was, well you know,
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As we walked into the high school gym, all of my friends looked at me like i was crazy. I had looked at ned out of the corner of my eye. His bright orange hair, braces, and glasses that were obviously made when he was in elementary school. Although i definitely didn 't want to be there with him i had started to warm up to him. I looked over to see him gone. He was dancing with nancy white, the captain of the nal team. I had been left alone at my first highschool dance by the nerdiest guy in my class. I ran outside and waited by myself for my parents to pick me up when Will came out and sat right next to me. As my stomach filled up with thousands of butterflies he said, “ what are you doing out here julie? “. i replied, “ my date left me for the captain of th-” but before i could finish he said “ who needs ned when you have me?” confused i had sat there listening to him still speak, “ i wanted to ask you here but ned beat me to the chase. What do you say we go inside and forget about ned and nancy. Who needs
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