Essay On My Journey To America

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With no doubts, multiple people face with events that have significant meanings for them and there are many experiences that bring drastic turnings on the long life road. For me, this turning was made when I was told that my government chose to study in the United State Of America instead of the United Kingdom where I previously applied to study. Though enough time has passed, I remember this day like it was just yesterday. The feeling of excitement because of the upcoming journey was mixing with uncertainty and fear. Realizing that I will be in the country where currently I have no relatives and friends was more than frightening for me. However, this experience shaped me as a more independent and versatile personality. So, this narrative will be based on one of the most watershed events I have lived through - my first journey to the United States of America as this experience was important for my personal development as a thinker and learner. I was born in the United Arab Emirates. Since my childhood, I am deeply in love with this…show more content…
America is an affluent nation in multiple ways, including the social, economic and political spheres. It was quite surprising to me that flowers of different color made one united and beautiful garden. I noticed that in the United States of America, diverse nationalities united as one prosperous and flourishing nation. I was nervous enough due to the fact that I will have to live in the country with no friends or will not have an opportunity to share my hobbies of playing soccer, riding a camel and traveling with anyone. However, fortunately, my fears were not justified, since here I met a lot of people from the United Arab Emirates with common interests and themes to discuss. Also, Americans appeared to be quite a friendly nation without any racial prejudice towards people of another
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