Compare And Contrast Essay On My Dream Of Traveling

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Do you have a dream? A well-paid job? A big family? The dream is something every person should have. Everyone has a dream, and my dream is to travel around the world. It sounds simple but visiting places has always been one of my childhood passions. Since then, my ultimate goal was to see how huge and glorious our planet is. All my life I was growing watching BBC and National Geographic channels, I was fascinated how big and marvelous the world is. I saw those astonishing landscapes and how diverse this world is. I wanted to tie my life with traveling, I desired to broaden my mind, because as Saint Augustine once said: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Then years and years later I saw a TV travel series called "Heads and Tails". In that show, they were showing how to live on $100 for few days. It was very interesting to observe the information they gave to their viewers. After I watched all seasons, I realized, that this is something I really want to do. At that right moment, I set a goal, and no matter what fulfill it before the death will come knocking on my door. Another aspect that influenced my desire was traveling with my parents. Even though we didn’t travel a lot, it was fun. We visited several countries: Kenya, France, Germany,…show more content…
Besides, I want to enjoy eating many kinds of delicious food and experience different customs and cultures personally. When I am old, they will become my most cherished memories. Although I have traveled to several countries with my family, there are still numerous places in the world waiting for my discovery. My dream is to travel around the world, and the above-mentioned things are what I expect. I hope my dream will come true in the very near future. The only problem I could face is certain responsibilities, that I, as the oldest child should
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