Personal Narrative Essay: My Great Grandfather

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Cherish There it was. Two weeks in a row. Almost identical phone calls. I simply could not believe what my ears allowed me to take in. I wish I could have been deaf to this news. Yet another tough pill to swallow. Another pill to stick in the back of my throat, one that was not going anywhere anytime soon, lodged like a bullet deep in the artery of a heart. This time it was my great grandfather who had passed away. The week before that, it was my great grandmother. I kept thinking how on earth this could all transpire within such a short time frame. Why was this happening? Why would god take two people away who are dear so to my heart with very little allotted time in between. I was still recovering from the week before and not even close…show more content…
I was even closer to my grandfather than I was with my grandmother. He was an outstanding human being who I shared many childhood memories with. When we would drive up to Wisconsin, he and I would just sit and he would tell me story after story. My favorite times were listening to his stories from the service. He fought in the second world war, and I would ask him question after question. As I look back on it now, I wish I hadn’t asked him so much. As a younger child, it seemed cool and awesome. Now that I was grown up I really understand how hard it must have been to tell me the things he did. I wish I had something better to remember, but I simply do not. I can only vividly remember him showing me all of his tractors and around his farm, and the talks we had. As I went through my mid teenage years, myself and really everybody in my family realized he didn’t have a whole lot of time left. He had not been healthy for several years and he suffered through some strokes. He was also having trouble remembering who I was. He could not for the life of him remember my name. The last time I was with him, he kept asking my mom who I was and why I was there. Unfortunately, that is the last clear memory I have of him. I am only left to wonder what his last memory
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