Personal Narrative Essay: My Hero's Journey

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It has been a long journey throughout, while me and my family have been traveling for 1 year from southern Europe. We have been on ships that had rusted to paint down rivers that have faded to the color of blue from the pollution on trucks that have been crushed and beat to nearly a frame and walk more than 500 miles and old roads filled with trash with little food but enough to survive the long days and even longer nights. My sister Mia shoes had melted from the small puddles of blue liquid had ate them right of her feet as she walked and didn't have time to stop we have about 1 week to get the port. So I let her have mine as I walked on broken glass and sharp rocks but I had some support as such as socks. We arrived there at the port two days before the boat is suppose to take off. So we walk to the near by village and ask for some shoes and told them we would could give them 5 dollars and the took the offer. So we walk back to the port it was a hot day and everyone was sweating and we had to wait for ever to get on the boat but think god we had enough money to buy 1st class. It was a good place to be there were not that many people up there and it was really nice compared to the 3rd class. Many years and days we have been waiting for this moment.…show more content…
We have pushed through the people till we got to were we needed to be the 1st class cabin we had room 108 witch was at the end of the long narrow room that smelled of rotten feet the walls were pilling as the smell was pulling the paint off the wall as we walked down to are room. As we pulled to door open the door squeaked open till it opened as if it was screaming for help. As I walked in the floor was carpet that was worn out but not bad I sunk into the carpet as if it was eating me I slowly lost my self into a great

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