My Disney World-Personal Narrative

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I was seven years old at the time and like most seven year olds i've dreamed of going to disney world.but there was one bad thing about it we had to take a bus to get there. Well at the time they told me we had to but we really didn't.and what made it worst was that all majority of my family was coming.why you ask is that such a bad thing its fun doing things with family.yeah your right in all but we going to all going to be on a bus for over 10 hours together. I remember the time only a few of us took a trip and we argued and argued till we got there and that trip was less than 5 hours i had very low expectation for this trip that we were about to go on.the trip wasn't that important but it wasn't that bad. We had finally arrived and i was filled with excitement. this was my first time going to disney world and i wasn't about to take any moment for granite. So as my family usually does, they started to put us all in groups and i stayed with my family because at the time i wasn't old enough to be walking with my cousins with no parental vision.we had expected to arrive a little in the afternoon but it was to late in the day so we just went to the pool.the first pool was fun because it volleyball net there were alot of people there…show more content…
I thought to myself if i can’t find my parents then maybe i'll go tell a police officer what had happened we walked around for a little bit then i saw them but they didn't looked worried they haven't even noticed that i was gone i walked up to them i told the police officer thank you and that he was not needed anymore but i was sad. But this is when i came to a realization where the world does not revolve around me and i was devastated. I never ever told them that i was lost because in my head at the time i didn’t think that i would matter.but i had soon gotten over i mean where at disney
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