Personal Narrative: The Last Day Of School

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Seven o’clock in the morning, the alarm had gone off as usual for me to wake up. It was my last day of school, ending the seven years as a student in SAIS and starting off as a new student in KIS. I rode my school bus which made me think of all the things I have done in the past during this everyday bus ride, laughing, shouting, eating, having fun. As I got off, I politely greeted the driver, trying my best to hide the tears that were about to fall out of my eyes. On the way up to my classroom, I walked around and reminded myself of all my years as a kindergartener, elementary, and middle school student here. I sadly walked up the blue stairs up to my classroom. As I walked into the dark room, I spotted little candles on a pretty white cake.…show more content…
I absolutely couldn’t understand how all the girls had certain “groups”, and they would sit together everyday to eat. I didn’t know where I had to sit, in fact there wasn’t a spot for me. Even though some of them seemed nice enough to make me feel included, I didn’t get to sit anywhere. Third and fourth blocks passed by quickly, and I made some new friends. Making new friends didn’t seem to be easy, and so I couldn’t stop panicking. “Ohhhh my godddddd!!!! Being a new student is horrible. I just want to feel comfortable when going to school!!!” I shouted as I walked back home. “What do I do…. I want to go back to my old school!!! I have to worry about every single thing, my clothes, my appearance, my actions, and just everything….. This is so inconvenient for me.” I said, terrified. My first week of school was full of worries, but it safely went by somehow. As I got to know more and more people, I was pretty curious of which “group” I would end up as. Then I met this new girl called Jihee who tended to get along with others well. She and I started talking to each other and I noticed that we had a lot of similarities. Since we were both new students, we had lots of stuff to talk
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