Personal Narrative Essay: My Last Night In The City

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I sat on the rooftop watching the sunset with two of my friends Aya and Malak, but it wasn't a normal sunset. The sun was setting by the Eiffel Tower in the magical city of Paris, you would think it's a masterpiece drawn by a famous artist because it's beauty is unrealistic. I wished that it wasn't my last night in this city, but nothing lasts forever. I was on this trip with my friends and school mates as it was our senior trip planned by our school. As the last speck of sunlight disappeared, we decided we'd go back to our rooms to the rest of our friends; Jomana and Ashrakat, order room service, play some cards and then maybe later we can take a walk down the streets. Here's the thing with making plans, they don't always work out…show more content…
We heard an extremely loud voice, we all thought it was coming from the street, but as we listened carefully we soon realized it was from a much closer source. "Is that a ...?" Malak said while she was shaking. "Yeah I think it is." I replied. We all jumped out of bed really fast and opened the door. Every door on the floor started opening one by one as if it was a pattern. Spoiler alert: That was a fire alarm! I quickly grabbed the room key and my phone then we all rushed outside. Everyone was running trying to look for an exit as of course the elevators stopped. Soon enough we found an emergency exit, but guess what? It was locked! "We are so going to burn in here, that's it!" Ashrakat…show more content…
We kept roaming the halls searching for another exit until we did find one. We went through an emergency exit and it lead us outside our hotel, in the street, in our pajamas. Surely that wasn't our biggest issue, we thanked god that we had gotten away from the fire. It only took us about a few seconds to realize that only a couple of us were outside. "You guys look, everyone is in the lobby." Said Malak We peaked inside the lobby door and saw the rest of our friends inside which got us really confused. We thought it would be safe by now and that they had put off the fire so we went inside. To our surprise everyone was sitting also in their pajamas laughing as if they were watching a Jim Carrey movie. "Okay guys seriously, what is going on?" Aya asked really confused. "Haven't you heard, some guest lit a cigarette which turned the alarm on!" Answered Mariam, one of our friends. So, it turns out there was never a fire! The only reason that alarm turned on was because one of the other guests staying in the hotel lit a cigarette in their room even though all the rooms in the hotel were non-smoking. So as soon as we understood, we started laughing hysterically too. The funniest part was the sight of one of our friends, Omar, holding a fire extinguisher, everyone thought it was hilarious how he carried that around when all along it was just a

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