A Narrative Essay On A Haunted House

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(true) I lived in a haunted house for over a decade (self.freehorrorstories) submitted 2 months ago by LinearEqualist When I was eight years old, my family moved into the house I grew up in. It wasn't an old house, and no one had died in it, and it didn't even feel creepy. Just an average suburban house in your average southern suburbs. The way the house was set up, when you came in the front door, there was a hallway with two bedrooms and a bathroom to the right, the large living room in front of you with a half wall separating it from the dining room to the left, and the kitchen on the other side of the dining room. Where the kitchen and the living room met, there was another small hallway, and the master bedroom, a bedroom that was used as an office, and a bathroom, and then breakfast nook leading to a laundry and utility area at the end of the kitchen. My room was to the right of the front door and down the hallway past the bathroom with the other bedroom on this hallway used for storage mostly as I was my mother's only child, and my…show more content…
While we were sitting in the living room to play, at around 2 in the morning, suddenly we heard footsteps run across my wooden front porch. It sounded like someone very short or a small child running quickly. Everyone in the room heard it, and we had a conversation as to if our friend had changed her mind and had just arrived as she was very short, and it made more sense than a child running through the neighborhood at that time of night. When she never came into the house, we all got up to look and there was no one outside and her car wasn't in the yard. Her boyfriend, who was with us gave her a call, and verified that it wasn't her as she'd just arrived home on the other side of town and was headed to
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