Personal Narrative Essay: My Life In High School

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Being in high school is scary. Walking down the halls seeing the upperclassmen stare and whisper, and hiding from teachers because you want to avoid an hour long lecture. Especially a small school can disrupt your nerves extremely easily. Everyone knows who you are, word spreads fast as wildfire. This experience can be rough on someone and their teenage self esteem. For me, going through the halls, and to class day after day is very demeaning and repetitive. Seeing people stare at me walking to my locker. Overhearing people whisper behind you, just quiet enough, you can’t bring out any words. It makes you wonder who they are talking about. You can’t help but think they 're talking about you. Don’t even get me started about teachers. For me, the thought of making a teacher mad at you or disappointed in you is devastating. I get this feeling of impending doom forming under my feet. Having these feelings leads me to have a really difficult time in high school. I almost gave up, but I realized that I must finish what I start. I was going through my day casually, but out of the blue, I was called to the councilors room during 4th period. Luckily we were not…show more content…
I finished the semester strong after that. I had good grades, I finished my old schooling and let all my problems go. I was also preparing myself for next semester. I got all the books I needed early and I made a good schedule to follow. Determined to finish out the rest of my high school. I attained that I was self destructing my progress. Now, looking back, I feel silly for almost throwing it all away. Life would be an even greater struggle without high school. No diploma, probably no College, Definitely a lower pay rate and less likely I was to get a job I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So now, I tell myself every single second I feel the self doubt, “Don’t give up, get through the day with a smile. Show the world what you are made of, and finish what you started”. So, I do so every day, strong

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