Personal Narrative Essay: My Life In Island Park

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My whole life I have grown up in a small town in southwest Minnesota . This small town named Windom had the population of around 4,000 people. The town was quiet , people never did anything out of ordinary, everyone was caring towards one another. The town was quiet at night but alive during the day. The only thing really unusual about the town, is that there is a man that lives in island park. No one has ever talked to him. The people of the town would always warn kids about going into the park at night. As years went by people never changed, and they never thought that change would soon be to come… It was the summer of 2016, this summer was not like past summers something felt different in the town but nobody knew why. The temperature was…show more content…
The next day we were all riding the bus together to my house because we needed to make a plan for when we go to island park. “Maybe we should split up, to see if he will come after one of us.” Carter stated. “ Are you crazy if we split up we won’t have anyone to help us if he does come after us!”, Daria yelled with fear in her voice. “I don’t think splitting up would be the best option, we should just go and sit on the same park bench and see if anything happens.”, I explained. We were outside when we heard that same laugh again. So we decided it was time to go back to the park. We finally made it to the park and the sun was setting and the man was just entering the park but this time he didn’t go under the bridge or into a tree rather he was walking straight toward us but right before he got to us he climbed into another tree. He definitely saw us this time. We were hesitant to leave because we knew he was waiting for us. It was very late at night be now and we had to get going before are parents start to worry. As we are leaving we heard the laugh again but this time it was deeper and it sound like it was coming from all different directions, like there was more than one person. Right as I turned around and looked at Daria I saw the tall shadow standing right behind her. When I flashed my light on him I saw that it was the

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