Personal Narrative Essay: My Most Stressful Game

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Most Stressful Game ever Played

It was the day we had to play West Kent Hawks in State Playoffs for our seeding. We had lost to West Kent twice with our full roster and now we lost two of our good players, the odds weren’t good. We just beat Grand Rapids Christian on Friday and Rockford and Battle Creek Gold the day before. We were tied with West Kent, whoever won this game is going to the finals.
The locker room was as quiet as the Alaskan wilderness. Everyone had a nervous look on their faces, and the coach was unusually quiet. Conner put on some music to loosen the mood while Noah did his tradition of breaking either a chair or the trash can, he broke both. We odds were not in our favor and we all knew that. West Kent is fast, big,
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He passed up to Noah, who skated it in and sniped the tendy short side at the top of the circles. The bench went crazy like teenage girls at a Justin Beiber concert. Later in that period I jumped off the bench and skated into the slot while Ethan chased the biscuit into the corner. He beat the defense and got it to me. I did the famous toe drag as the second defense man tried to poke check me, I sent his jock into the rafters. As I looked up and shot low right under the glove next thing I heard was the goal horn I tied the game. The first two periods were barnburners and we knew they were not conditioned enough to finish. The Zam left and we started the period, West Kent was furious and started running us. Poor Beatty got lit up like we were doing to their lamp. We didn’t stop scoring as we added 6 goals in 17 minutes. The bench went crazy as we jumped onto the ice to celebrate with our goalie, we were in the finals. We had to play our biggest rival Battle Creek Varsity for the finals we hated them and they hated us. We lost pretty bad to them, but I thought we did extremely well against a Varsity team. This weekend really stuck out to me because we had such difficult teams we had to play against while we were down two vital players. We worked well as a team and definitely out worked every team we played
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