Personal Narrative Essay: My Personal Experience In High School

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I used to be a shy kid. The kind of hiding-behind-your-mother’s-legs kind of shy. In elementary school I did not approach anyone to come and play with me. In middle school I was used as a messenger between fighting girls. I didn’t want that job, it was a job that was given to me, forced upon me. In my freshman year of high school I was the most awkward kid in every single photo I appeared in, my pose was inelegant and my expression was often fatigued. I did not live with courage. However, that’s not to say that I lived with cowardice. I more of lived with vagueness. I’ve always been an individual, but through much of my life it was not loud independence, it was quite quiet. Quiet and awkward. In the summer of my freshman year, after winning first place in State Drama Costume Design, myself and five other winners from different events were invited to the National Theater Festival in Lincoln Nebraska. Here is where my whole life’s mantra changed. The National Theater Festival was where I learned to live every day of my life with courage and spite. The bulk of the trip was distressing and I loathed it. I detested the people I was with; four were upperclassmen who were entitled and infected with “senioritis” and the other was a sophomore who despised me…and whom I had to share a room with. She liked it cold, I liked it hot. Sleeping was difficult. It didn’t help my attitude about the trip that we were in sweltering Nebraska June heat; who knew the plains had so much water in

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