Personal Narrative Essay: My Personal Experience

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Honestly, the biggest failure that I had to deal with in my life was being benched last year for high school soccer. I tried out for soccer my freshman year and didn 't make it, so I tried out again my sophomore year and have been on the team ever since. During my sophomore year, I played on the junior varsity team. My junior year I started out on the junior varsity team again and then got moved up to the varsity team. I always worked my hardest at practice and put in work outside of what was required of me, however, I almost never got to play in the games. Every now and then I would get put in to play, but it wasn 't for long. It was difficult for me to work hard on and off the field but then barely be able to play in the game. Especially while I watched some of my teammates not work as hard as me and then get to play the whole game. I did what I could, but it just wasn 't good enough. Of course, my parents wanted me to not go through that but there was nothing they could do. Quite honestly, I am glad that they couldn 't do anything about it, that was just something I had to go through. They could only be there to comfort me when I needed it. Going through that was not fun, but it made me grow and it developed my character and identity. And now when I look back, I let it motivate me to work even harder in everything I do. If parents overprotect their kids, it can be assumed that it is at least partially due to the fact that they want their kids to be successful one day.
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