Adversity: The Greatest Failure In My Life

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Honestly, the biggest failure that I had to deal with in my life was being benched last year for high school soccer. I tried out for soccer my freshman year and didn 't make it, so I tried out again my sophomore year and have been on the team ever since. During my sophomore year, I played on the junior varsity team. My junior year I started out on the junior varsity team again and then got moved up to the varsity team. I always worked my hardest at practice and put in work outside of what was required of me, however, I almost never got to play in the games. Every now and then I would get put in to play, but it wasn 't for long. It was difficult for me to work hard on and off the field but then barely be able to play in the game. Especially…show more content…
Like Solomon said, "I believe that if I succeed in sheltering [my kids] from adversity, then I will have failed as a parent" (00:16:37-00:16:46). Struggling is not fun, I doubt there is anyone who likes to fail or deal with adversity. But when I look back on my life, I realize that if I had the chance to change my past, so I never failed or went through adversity, then I wouldn 't. If I changed it, then I would not be the same person I am today. I wouldn 't have the same, strong relationships with my closest friends. I didn 't enjoy the hard times in my life, but I 'm glad they happened, I wouldn 't change it. It 's easy to avoid struggles, but it pays off knowing how to handle them. My advice to all parents is to push their kids and encourage them to take risks. Be there for them when they fall, but don 't take away the opportunities for them to develop their own unique identity. They will have to eventually, so it just makes the most sense to do it at an earlier age and in a safe environment. It won 't be fun or enjoyable, but it will be worth it later on in life when the kids that have struggled with hard times at a younger age are more successful because they were able to develop an identity and become their true
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