Personal Narrative: My Personal Roller Coaster

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My Personal Roller Coaster
If you have ever experienced riding a roller coaster, you probably might know the sensation you get when you’re up the hill and abruptly decay from the hill without even expecting it. Or what about when you believe you’re steady and stable on your roller coaster ride and think the ride might be over soon. Surprisingly, it is when you suddenly downfall once again in the least expected moment. In real life circumstances, in reality; life is a roller coaster. Just as how it says on the quote from the poem, ‘On the experience’ “…I knew not but the next would be my final inch…” Although, that was what I thought in comparison to my personal life story when I believed that my father’s health problems were coming closer to
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Once again, I was so wrong. After arriving home, it was much more complicated than what I thought. Of course, we were finally installed at our sweet home and therapists people began to come. Now, he is still getting to recovery. My father’s health has had several ups and downs, through the process of dealing with his illness. Most importantly, im getting my life back on track. I come back to college to finish my Associate degree, getting a new job, and most of it is getting back to how my life was before.
Sometimes life puts us by the edge of steeped, not to punish for the wrong things one has made, but to teach as human being to value more what really matters in life. In my personal life experience, I had to leave everything and anything. However, I do not regret in any way because it has taught me to be a more persistent person and able to deal with more than I ever though could be able to do. Although, in this past months, I saw how many friends walkinge away, since then, I began to see my family as my more valuable treasure. Now more than ever, my world’s view changes all over. I can relate this experience with my father’s stroke to as a good way in changing my life’s view because if this has never happen to me, I have never realized how strong I
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