Personal Narrative Essay: My Pet Bunnies

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introduction have you ever wondered what tristan wald was like when you were not around? most of you have i bet. This is the story of my best memories and what i love to do. i’ve done some pretty amazing thing to find out more read on.

I was driving in the car and i was so excited i had butterflies in my stomach. i was about to go get my pet bunny. we drove through a neighborhood and we stopped at a house. i got out of the car with my dad and sister and mom and we rang the doorbell. a nice lady answered and said the bunnies are over here and we walked into her house and i saw a box full of 8 white fluffy bunnies. my sister and i went to go pick one out and i chose the one with black ears and white soft fur we had so much fun and just laughed a lot. the bunnies all hopped around and went everywhere. my sister chose a bunny with brown ears and white fur. i decided to name mine black ears and sidney named hers thumper. then i noticed a weird smell and it was coming from the box of bunnies. i stuffed my nose into the bunny and it smelled like blueberries because they just gave them a bath. my bunny was so soft and warm like a bowl of soup. then the lady gave me some hand
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they had cows and horses . the cows were so furry. they were all brown.the wheat in the field next to us was so long. when the cows walked on the ground you could hear the thump. my dad talked to the farm owners. the cows poop smelled bad. there was a earthy smell in the air. when we took pictures the farmers coffee smelled bad. the cows had giant poky horns that could have poked my eye out. then i got a saddle and rode a cow. then my mom thought it would be funny if i looked like i was kissing a cow. then she took the picture. after that i went ziplining. finally i went
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