Personal Narrative Essay: My Quest For An Adventure

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My Quest for an Adventure In my preteen years of life, I joined the tourism club that was offered at my middle school. We were taught survival skills outdoors like climbing a rock with bare hands, hiking and securing rope anchor when descending a cliff, visiting a cave, and building a bonfire in nature. In addition, we visited the Carpathian Mountains. My first short experience in tourism club was the competition in climbing the rocks. The competition was separated between girls and boys. I was 11 years old at a time. The girls’ competition consisted of three participants. We were ordered to climb the rock in the quickest possible time. My turn to climb the rock was the first, so I got prepared to climb the rock as I put on a harness. Before climbing I studied a route a little bit and accelerated as time began. While climbing I tried to figure out moves as fast as I could. After a while, I got to the top and I never looked down because I thought I might get shivers of fear. In fact, I am a little bit scared of the height. The easiest part was descending the rock because it required the least effort. My experience climbing the rock was awesome. When I finished my descending, I felt relieved and satisfied. After me, there were two more girls to repeat the process. At the end of the competition, they told me I got the second place in the competition. Climbing a rock is an adventure and a physical challenge while inhaling and exhaling oxygen in nature. For me climbing a rock

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