My Beloved Dog Essay

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In late February 2009, my family took our beloved dog, Oscar, to the vet to be put to sleep because of old age. It was a hard experience for the whole family because he was a great, loving, smart, and obedient dog. It was pouring down rain the day he died. We dug a hole in our backyard and buried him inside. We then planted all sorts of flowers next to him. It was a very bad day for our family. Year after year my sister and I asked and asked for a new dog. My father did not want a new dog, but my mother did. Eventually he agreed and we began our search for a new dog. We went to shelters and rescue places. We could not find any dog that we loved. We kept on looking for the perfect dog in 2010 and 2011. We kept on looking and looking, trying to find the perfect dog for us. We found a couple of dogs that we were interested in, but nothing…show more content…
He is the loudest, most obnoxious, barking dog ever. If a car pulls in we were alerted immediately. My father dislikes Roscoe now for that very reason. He also is not the smartest dog either. When you throw a ball he does not bring it back, he just sits there and chews on it. He does have a shedding problem as well. When we got new carpet, he was not allowed on it. So I no longer have a personal alarm clock. He is a fun dog to play with though. You can have him sit in another room and hide a treat in another and he will sniff it out for you. You can also have him race you around our yard, even though he does win most of the time. He greets a new visitors nicely now and is no longer shy. Once when I was playing with him, he jumped up and cut my ear with his claws. It was not that fun of an experience. I frequently walk through our yard to go to either my grandmother’s house or a friends’ house. I would come back and find him waiting there wagging his tail excitedly. He loves our family. Even though he can be annoying with his barking, we all love him and play with him all the
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