Spring Break Narrative

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A couple of years ago, my family went to Destin, Florida for spring break. We were there for a couple of days and were trying to find something to do. Kenny, my step-dad, thought it would be a good idea to go to this place called Baytowne Wharf (I recommend going there sometime). This place is amazing with many different shops and restaurants like candy stores and even toy stores. Also they have some rides and activities to do in the Baytowne Adventure Zone like a zipline and in my families case, a sky rope course. My older step sister Jax, me, my younger siblings Ayden and Laykin all decided to try this. The point of this sky course is to make it to the very top of the three story jungle gym like obstacle course by going over things like…show more content…
Then I’m like no, “We have come too far to turn around and not have this little victory of ours and ring this bell.” so he continues to go and starts crying and is scared that he’s going to fall. So I’m over here laughing and trying to help my brother and I look up and see Jax on the little post behind me laughing too. We are like slowly dying at the fact that my siblings are having a panic attack on something so minor. My little sister Laykin who was crying was starting to get a little aggravated. In the mists of our current situation she says to Jax, “Stop laughing or I am going to push you off.” That didn’t really help and me and Jax start laughing harder. I continue to help ayden across and then we finally get it so Jax starts getting Laykin to come across too. After a couple more minutes of crying and laughing Jax gets Laykin over and makes it over herself. So me and Ayden were there and I got him to ring the bell and I rang the bell and Laykin rang the bell and Jax rang the bell. So we all rang the bell and then we go across the balance beam on the other side and get to the stairs go back through the easy obstacles and down the stairs and back through the easy obstacles and down the stairs to the ground where we got unharnessed and sent back on our
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