Personal Narrative Essay: My Story Of A Gladiator

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Ahhhhhhh. It was like a gladiator had defeated a demon. Everyone was cheering and jumping. We had finally done it. Now let 's start from the beginning. My whole family, besides my sister, were driving to lakeridge high school to play in the league tournament. This was my first year of competitive basketball and we were the sixth seed, which was the lowest seed to get a chance in the championship. We knew we had to bring our A game because we were playing the best team in the league who had only one loss... to us. They had beaten us before but we had beaten them too. We get there and there is a team already playing. So our coach pulls us over and talks to us about how we have to come out and play hard and not dig ourselves into a hole. But even…show more content…
With ten seconds left we sprinted down the court passed it to our best player and with three seconds left he got fouled for two shots. Everyone lined up, the people on the bench all the superstitious stuff we could think of. He got the ball. Took one dribble. Donk. It was just right of the rim. He get’s the ball for his second shot. Now I was stuffing my face into my jersey because I was scared, we had worked so hard to get here and it would be devastating to lose. He shoots. As the ball is in the air a teammate starts to gallop/jump. And I heard the sound, it was like snapping celery. Everyone jumped up and cheered, but it wasn’t over the other team grabbed the ball, tossed it in, and hooked it up from three quarters court desperate but james being james blocked it and the sound we had to wait what felt like an eternity came. Erghghghghghghg. We had finally finished the game, 51 to 52. Our coach had told us meat and congratulated us and told us he was proud with how we were determined to win and how we kept our head in the game. He then told us where to go for pizza and to get the medals. Now, in 2016, we are on the road to the championship
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