Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To California

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Imagine laying on a private beach right now in California. You are sitting in a comfortable lawn chair with a front-row seat to the Pacific Ocean. You have waiters bringing you any kind of drink or food you want, and the sun is making you golden tan. Now, imagine the thrill you get while being on a roller coaster. The sun is beating down on you while you are standing in line, but the wait for the exhilarating roller coaster is worth it. I was able to experience all this and more on my trip to Los Angeles, California. I went on this trip the week of my birthday with my parents and my two sisters. My second trip to California was an unforgettable experience that was important due to all the locations I visited, all the knowledge I now have from this trip, and all the memories I made with my family.
The first reason this trip is an unforgettable and important experience is because of all the incredible places I get to visit. When we first landed at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), we relaxed most of the day at our hotel and went to the beach that night. The next day was my birthday, so my parents let me plan the day for the most part. We hung out on the beach and went to California Pizza Kitchen. The hotel we stayed at had a private beach, so we were treated very well there. There were five chairs set up for us right in front of the deep blue Pacific Ocean. We were waited on by the hotel staff, and able to swim and tan. Later, we walked to Venice Beach, which is a

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