Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To Florida

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My Trip to Florida

It was a cold winter night in Upstate New York. My mom and dad were enjoying a cup of coffee, my sisters were playing video games, and I was editing a few pictures on my computer. My mom brought up the idea of a vacation. She said” We haven’t been on a vacation for a long time”. We all agreed and were hoping for my dad to also agree. Then my father said with a cheerful voice “Where do you guys want to go for vacation”. Me and my sister Rahma wanted to go to Florida, but, my other sister Selsibila wanted to go to California. Since Florida is closer and most of us agreed on going to Florida my parents said, “Ok then Florida it is” and we all ran to our rooms to pack up our stuff. My father quickly went on his computer and started looking for a rental. After we packed up all our stuff my dad said” Everyone go to bed, so we can wake up fresh in the morning and get the trip started”. So, we all went to bed. I can barely sleep thinking about all the fun were going to have. After about 15 minutes everyone was sound asleep and so was I.

We woke up full of energy and ate breakfast. My mom had a few more things to pack up. We had to wait for her in the car. As soon as my mom came my dad turned the car on and we started the trip. The roads were very slippery
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I had so much fun at the aquarium. I saw dolphins, sharks, and we even got to pet the sting rays. Next, we went to a nearby Turkish restaurant for lunch. We ordered 5 gyros, they were topped with a delicious white sauce and were so flavorful. Afterward we went to a park and played on the swings, went down the slide and climbed the monkey bars. All of us had fun, but we were exhausted. We went back to the rental and played some video games. Soon after my mom shouted, “Come eat dinner!” Then me and my sisters raced down the stairs and went right to the dining room. We ate to our fill and then we went right to
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