Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To High School

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The walk to the airport security was fast and we seemed to get there within a second. Clutching my ticket, I could feel my face getting red and my eyes puffing up. My mom stood in front of me, looking at me like I was about to take on the world. As she pulled me in for a big goodbye hug the tears came in full force. I quickly turned away from her and ran to the security line. The check point man looked in a way that said “pull yourself together”. Head down I proceeded through security. The plane started up and I realized this was the first time I was alone and completely on my own.

Has a child around the age of two years old I listened to no one, dressed myself and liked to do everything on my own excluding potty training myself. Somewhere with the transition from middle school to high school I lost myself and some independence along the way. My freshman year had been a bust of getting in trouble and My sophomore year had been all about finding myself. Freshman year I found myself dating a senior boy and ditching out on class. Studies and my future came last in my mind. Once freshman year and summer were over and the senior boyfriend was gone. I had a wakeup call to figure out who I was because the person I was, was not going to cut it. The following year I became extremely involved
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The Summer of 2014 changed me, along with California, I went on a mission to Seattle and spent 2 weeks back packing. I went into my junior year with full forces studying hard for my ACT, becoming president of clubs, running varsity cross country, taking second in tennis and realizing I wanted to break out of Montana and go out of state for college. My past was my past and I would not change it for anything because it made me who I am today. I had found that same sassy, and independent two year old mentality I had
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