Most Memorable Vacation

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The most memorable vacation I’ve been on was my trip to Salem, Massachusetts. It was February 2012, we left at 9pm so we could sleep all day the day before, so we could drive the 8 hours to Salem. I packed lots of long sleeved shirts, jeans, hoodies as well as heavy jackets and boots. I got my camera and I packed snacks and a cooler for drinks and sandwiches for the ride to Salem. Before we left we stop and filled the car with gas. It was 512 miles from Fredericksburg, Virginia; where we lived at the time. We took interstate 95 which took us over the George Washington Bridge in New York, which lead us to interstate 87 that took us into Massachusetts. When we finally arrived in Peabody, Massachusetts the next day we checked into our room at the hotel. We made our way up to our room with all our bags. We all took turns showering and getting dressed. After everyone was ready to go we left to go eat a bite to eat after driving all night we were very hungry for a hot meal. We found a local diner in Peabody. After that we decided we…show more content…
Has the collections of the former Peabody Museum of Salem and the Essex Institute. Which merged in 1992 to form the Peabody Essex Museum. We learned there are more then 200 years of art, architecture and culture from New England and the world inside of the Museum. Contains over 1,000,000 objects and was founded in 1799 as the Salem East India Society. The museum had many things, what I remember is a lot of maritime art from the U.S. ,Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands. There is 3 levels to the Museum, the first level has Native American Art , Chinese Art , American Art. The Second level has Japanese Art ,Asian Export Art, and the East India Marine Hall which contains the original display cases and the very first objects collected. The Third level was Indian Art. I learned many things and took a lot of pictures, it was a great
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