A Trip That Changed My Life

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Since I have been home I have been trying to explain my trip to the people around me and every time I do it always comes out, I have no idea how to explain it, I have no words. I have never felt so impacted by three weeks of my life I think back to Rwanda and it seems like a lifetime ago. It was such a surreal, changing experience that it feels like a dream. Every time I see somebody wearing something that reminds me of Rwanda I get sad but then I get happy because it means that it wasn’t just a dream. I still listen to Spotify playlist and think about the boys I spent most of my time with and try to reflect on every individual day as if I were going through the trip again. If I could do it all over again, I think I would do it the same way. I feel like I maximize my time in Rwanda and not only feel the impact of the trip but also feel like I’ve changed as a person because of it.
The last thing I gave to my boys was the quote to add to their wall in their family home that said “because I knew you I was changed for good”
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We could either hang out in our family homes or hang out with our friends from Israel but it was open to us to do what we wanted. I chose to spend half the day with my kids and half the day with you with my friends. I was shown modeling and asked questions about my political stances with the kids and with my friends all we did for the entire afternoon was play codenames. Even though there wasn’t anything crazy or special that happened that day I still felt like it was the best day I could’ve had. One of my favorite days outside the village was when we went to the Safari being with wild animals and nature is an amazing experience. Seeing elephants and giraffes and zebras in the wild is surreal and being able to do it with your best friend is even
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