Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To South Padre Island

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One summer day, out of the blue, my dad decided to take us to South Padre Island. Summer vacation is always a stressful time for me. I’ve always wanted to experience something entertaining, but I never seem to enjoy trips with my family. We complain a lot and don’t get so well along. Everyone I know has really interesting vacation stories in which their families enjoyed awesome adventures and created unforgettable memories. Most of the time this stories make me upset because I can’t relate. My family is not funny, nor is it interesting, nor is it adventurous, therefore, a calm and relaxing movie night would have been more fun for me rather than a trip to South Padre Island.
When we arrived, we began the day with a nice and simple horse ride by the beach. None of the horses looked very nice which kind of intimidated me. Moreover I, a very short and petite girl, was afraid that when trying to get on top of the tall stallion, it would fall and squash me, but after a couple hops I managed to get on its back. Even though I had never done this before, I enjoyed relaxing and letting the soft summer breeze take over me. The smell of the beach filled the air and the warm sunrise colors in the sky made a beautiful scenery. It was all so perfect… until suddenly, my horse became a little agitated. It went on its own path and
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The sun, raised now at its peak high, burned our skin and had us begging for a drop of sweat to remain hydrated. The warm sand did not feel nice to my feet but instead I felt like a monk firewalking. And just as hot as the sand was, the water was freezing. I refused being neither in the sand nor the water. My brothers and I were so uncomfortable, we pleaded our parents to take us somewhere else. My dad —in an attempt to make us enjoy this vacation— suggested mini golf. The idea did not sound interesting or memorable, but I was willing to give it a chance. So a night session of mini golf it
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