Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To Yankton

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I just got done waking up. I go downstairs to eat breakfast. While eating breakfast, I heard my uncle talking going swimming in Yankton. We decided to go to Yankton because there were a party and it is somewhere public where you can swim. So my uncle told us all to get ready. After we were all ready, we went ahead and got in his car.
We then drove off making our way to Yankton. By the time we were in Akron, he didn't know what direction to go. So he used his phone as a GPS. Once we got out of Akron he just kept on using his phone until we get to Yankton. Finally after years we have arrived. We went across the bridge we saw people on boats mostly. My uncle got lost and he didn't knew the location we were actually supposed to go. He had to call someone from my
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I kinda rushed eating my food to go swimming which wasn't a good idea. After I got done eating I went to the changing room and changed into my shorts. Me and a few of our family members went to go swim. The sand was very hot for my feet, The sand was hot melting lava beneath my feet. The wind was hitting my face. I can already hear the waves splashing. I can see boats everywhere around the water. The clouds were fluffy marshmallows. I could taste the blowing wind on my face. It was a lot of fun and there was also big waves everytime. People around me were playing games with a ball. Others were just drowning each other. When the sun was starting to come down I got off and went back. They started cooking some more food for us. First I went to go change back to my clothes. Once they served me, I started eating my food like a wild animal, that's when I realized my stomach was starting hurt. I told them that they should've let us swim first then eat. I became sick, but i still finished my food. There was even more people around us getting ready to shoot fireworks. After we all got
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