Personal Narrative Essay: My Vacation To Puerto Rico

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Last summer I went on vacation to Puerto Rico with my cousins. We did really fun things like snorkeling, a boat ride, and eating at many wonderful places. Although all those sound really fun, I want to talk about the time I met the most cutest, most fluffiest, most friendliest, animal ever. It all started off on a breezy summer night while my cousins and family were chillin’ at our hotel pool. We were quite tired because we had just come back from our filling italian dinner. I was sitting in the pool when a saw a small shadow whiff past me. I quickly whipped my head around. “What’s wrong?” My mom questioned. “Oh nothing. I think I just saw something, “ I said while getting out the pool. As I got out of the pool, I started to search around. All of a sudden I heard a small ruffle in the bush. I immediately turned my body around. “Hmm?” I thought to myself, wondering what I could’ve just saw. At first I thought it was some type of iguana…show more content…
All that was on my mind was where that sneaky little cat had gone. After finishing my breakfast, I got up and opened the door. As I opened the door, I looked down on the ground and felt my jaw drop to the floor. “You’re back!!” I exclaimed. It was the cat. He was back! “Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom! Do you you have any food?” I excitedly asked. “Ummmm, no,” she answered back. I turned a few steps to the left and smiled at my cousin. “So are you going to finish that turkey sandwich,” I mischievously smiled. “I don’t think so, I’m really full,” he said back like he had just eaten a whole turkey. I rushed over to him and took his sandwich. “Wait Aastha, where you going?” He asked. Before I could answer his question, I had already zoomed out the door. After getting the sandwich, I found the cat and gave him some baloney. The cat ate it up before I could say the word “baloney.” At that exact moment, I thought of the most perfect name for the cat. “Mr. Kittens will be your name little guy,” I told the

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