Never Living Up To My Future

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I had always anticipated what my future would hold. The thought of never living up to my dreams gave me aches in my stomach. My mother did not play a positive role during my childhood, I don’t believe she ever intended on being a role model for her children. I could not tolerate the thought of becoming like her. I did not ever want to depend on someone else to support me. The year of 2010 I graduated with my senior class; that moment I threw my cap up in the air, I knew I was headed towards an adventure. A few months later, I had chosen to say goodbye to California and got on a plane to Wichita, KS to live the independent life with my older sister. I immediately obtained a job at the Walmart Auto Center; I began earning an income and stacking my savings. I knew what path I wanted to be on and there may be some obstacles on the way. 18 made it quite difficult between being responsible and desiring to be, well, an 18-year-old. All the while, I felt like life was a tremendous test in my ability to committing my goals. Tackling through the struggles I managed to work extensive, strenuous hours, even chosen side jobs, and gutted up rental homes for several years to allow myself to accumulate some credit in my account. One afternoon shift I was called into the store manager's office. I was being offered a promotion for the shop…show more content…
Until 2 months later, a wonderful friend and coworker at the shop informed me of an opening position within Textron Aviation; where he worked full time. I tried avoiding being too optimistic, that company typically only hires a person that carries a degree. Despite my lack of education, my friend went ahead and filled out the application for me referencing himself. A week later, I received a phone call from the HR department at Textron requesting me to come in for an interview. My stomach plummeted, I was incredibly stoked, yet simultaneously extremely
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