Descriptive Essay On New Hope

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New Hope, Pennsylvania is a little town near Bucks County. That is where I go when I want to be alone. It is about an hour away and it is a beautiful ride. As I enter into the town it’s very hilly and scenic. There is a huge river that follows me all the way into the town. When driving further and further you know you are almost there when you look out the window and can see some houses on a mountain. I drive over this little green bridge and there is a distinctive smell os lavender and that’s how I know I am in the town. I park in a parking lot on a hill and when I get out I walk down the hill into the town. There are shops on each side of the street that run for a good mile or two. There are clothing shops, restaurants, antique shops and so many more shops. I actually go into this soap shop every single time and I always get some type of lotion that calms me down. After I purchase it I go back out and go get myself Starbucks down the street. After I get my coffee there is a special place that I go and sit. There is a restaurant that’s downhill and when you walk around it there is a waterfall that changes colors. It changes blue, green and purple over…show more content…
Anything that crosses my mind I will think about. I try not to because I want to be stress free there but the thoughts always just cross my mind. If I find myself in that situation I try to keep myself busy. I will walk around and go into different shops on the street to enjoy the difference of New Hope from home. It really is such a huge change but in a positive way. I tend to stay off my phone when I am there so I don’t get more stressed or upset. I detach myself from the world for about a few hours and it’s the best few hours ever because I really take everything in and can relax without drama. I really can find myself at New Hope and it is a relief to have found that place because it really does help me relax and figure things
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