Personal Narrative Essay On 9/11

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It was September 11, 2008. I entered my first grade classroom, expecting to have another normal day at school. However, as I took a seat at my desk, I knew we would not be performing our usual school activities. “Today,” stated the teacher, “I am going to tell you about an important event that happened seven years ago.” I listened intently, not sure what to expect. “On September 11, 2001,” the teacher began, “two terrorists crashed planes into the Twin Towers.” Instantly my classmates were buzzing with questions. “Was it by accident?” one of my friends inquired. “Were people hurt?” another questioned. “Why did they do it?” was the question I had wondered. When I returned home that afternoon, I was still shocked. As a child, I could not understand why someone would want to cause so much suffering. I asked my mother that night about why the incident on 9/11 happened, yet she could not supply me with an answer. As I grew older, I began to pay more…show more content…
However, in the weeks and months following the attacks, I would hear stories of people that were injured in the attack, but did not let that stop them from living their lives. Not only did the injured recover from the attacks, but so did the rest of America. I saw that we could overcome the bad in the world. Unfortunately, terror attacks are still happening across the world. From the Paris attacks to the Brussels attacks, every time I hear that there has been another terrorist attack, I become very upset. However, I see how the countries recover from the attacks, and I realize there is hope to stop the bad in the world. My realization of the amount of crime happening in the world had caused me to have a loss of innocence. However, when I see that we are able to overcome the bad events that happen, I begin to have hope that all of the bad events in the world can be
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