Personal Narrative Essay On A Basketball Court

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Most of us have a place where we can go and be free with ourselves and have no implications. On the court it is a place we can forget about life and problems that were having in general. I can feel the tranquility and the freedom when i 'm on the court. Just the countless emotion and the sight of the basketball court evokes emotion for me. There is not another place in the world where i feel excited and liberated as i do on the court.
When i step onto the court it 's impossible for me to conjure any negative feelings with myself. I enter an endless state of self confidence and euphoria. The second I stepped onto the hardwood floor i 'm immediately filled with never ending joy of being where i belong. The first time i stepped on the hardwood floor and got to hold the basketball in my palms made me feel like i 'm in control. I can do no wrong on the court, every move i make, every shot i take is the right thing to do. The court and the ball have no lack of faith no fear nor pressure. The second i lace my shoes up and step onto the court all my struggles in life completly dissapear.
My problems vanish when i step onto that hardwood floor never coming to my mind while i 'm on the hardwood floor. Whenever i feel down I just pick up a ball go outside play in my backyard or go to the park with a
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In the crowd there are many people that have different expressions some show me they believe in me and some show they support me. They look like they will support me through thick and thin. If I make a mistake it 's alright I know if i put my mind to it I can do it better than i did it the first time. Out of the crowds mouth flows supportive chants that inspire me and pick up my spirits and inspire me to play at an even higher level. On the other side of the court is the opposing team that looks like an angry mob hoping and wishing for your team to make multiple mistakes so that their team can take the victory. The crowd creates one of the greatests part of the game in the
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