Personal Narrative Essay On Baseball

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Narrative essay Life throws many challenges at you, but you need to know when to tackle them and when not to. A challenge is something that Is a struggle for you and needs more attention than a problem. Now I know this from experience from the time that my baseball team was in the league finals and disaster struck out. The day was June 13, 2015. This day is a day that will always teach me something new and life mending every time that I bring it up. The score was set 3-5 top third of the 4th inning, our 3 hole up to bat and the count being 3-1 next pitch determined if he was on base or in a full count jam. The next pitch was a ball, meaning he was walked and then took his base and this loaded the bases for me to step to the plate and bat, this was the nerve racking part of sports when your team needs you and you can or cannot deliver on the gift. I had one pitch and the ball was flying further and further until it hit the ground right at the foot of the fence and I was running and the ball was being relayed back into first and then to third where I was running to. The ball meets my leg a second after my foot hit the bag so I was safe, but I look up at the ump and he expresses his call in out, meaning the third run does not count…show more content…
This game taught me that i can 't reflect on the unchangeable and move to the future. Reflection can be an awful thing moving on making your mind just feel clean and into a new state where you can make your dreams a vision. Basking in the glory days can 't be the only thing you can do for you lose or broken memory. Moving from there was the best thing that could have done for my career in baseball and after I moved on we won our next tournament and I forgot it all. The best thing you can do for a Challenge is try and if you fail wait till you can 't tackle
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