Personal Narrative Essay On Boxing

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Boom, bang, pow! Boxing was all I ever thought about as a child. I would dream, eat, and sleep boxing. Though I was a little shrimp weighing in only 75 pounds, I had a very big heart, which gave me the drive to keep on pushing forward. Everyone around me seemed like giants, but that did not stop me from doing what I love. Boxing sculpted me into a stronger person mentally.
The sun was beating on my skin, during the summer time. Every summer the kids from my neighborhood would host a backyard junior boxing competition. I had a trainer named Moe that would train, and also guide me throughout my training sessions. Everyday for a month, I would head over to Moe’s place to train. I could taste every drop of blood, sweat, and tears from the pain that I had to endure, but I enjoyed every second of it.
Finally came the day of the big fight. I was ready to roll. I was then matched up against an opponent that weighed in 105 pounds. He was much bigger, and taller than I was at the time. Before the fight even began, I had envision
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I felt great, throwing a multiple flurry of punches, feeling unrestrained and violent. In the final round i took two to the head, causing me to fall flat on the ground. A voice in my head said to me, “Get up! Why go through all of this pain from training just to accept defeat.” I picked myself back up off the ground, brushed my gloves off and regained my focus. This time I went straight at it, letting my hands fly like rubber. I hear my partners in the back screaming “Get em Trung!” My fury began boiling by the second. Wham! I went for a straight right hook to my opponent 's chin. My opponent dropped to the ground, knocked out cold. In the end, I felt victorious as if I had the world in my hands. I learned to overcome my fear, and pain from hard work, dedication, training, being knocked down, and also listening to my inner voice; but in the end it was all worth the time and effort since what did not kill me, only made me
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