Personal Narrative Essay On Deer Hunting

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BOOM! The rifle went off as the deer kicked up and ran into the brush.

It was the day before the mentor hunt and we were driving to our cabin in Luck,Wisconsin. It was early October as we arrived at our cabin as the beautiful fall colors welcomed us. We got into our cabin and we started to cook dinner. Me and my family ate our dinner and then we made a campfire and cooked s'mores on the fire. After we ate s'mores then we went to bed.

Finally, it was the day of the hunt and we got our stuff on and headed out, it was 6:30 in the morning and you couldn’t see much. The hunt opened at 6:50. We climbed into the stand and got everything ready, 45 minutes later a deer stood in my shooting lane. I pulled up the gun and my heart was thumping. I found the deer in the scope and slowly pulled the trigger...he then kicked up. 15 minutes later we found him. We found him dead in a bush. I had got the nubbed buck right in the lungs and my heart was still pumping from the time I had seen the deer.
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Me and my dad were rinsing out the bright blood to cool the deer's body so the meat wouldn’t overheat. The bright blood fled out of the body as we added more water. We had put the deer in the back of my dad's truck and we had taken a couple pictures. We registered the deer on our phone. We then packed up and headed home. When we got home my dad took out the backstraps to cook and we brought the deer to Swank's Meats in St.Croix to get it ground up into ground venison.

Shooting my first deer has changed me because it has

changed the way I look at hunting. It has made me

want to continue to hunt. It has also made me a more

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