Personal Narrative Essay On Groundhog Day

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It had been several weeks since we had stolen the groundhog shadow. I had stayed up late the majority of the night; I was excited about Groundhog Day. Usually my mom had to wake me up, but on this day, I was dressed and ate breakfast before my mom woke up. My mom was surprised I had so much energy. Other times on Groundhog Day, I dragged myself around and complained about the long winter. Today, it was my day to enjoy Groundhog Day. The sun was shining brighter than ever before on February 2. It could not be a coincidence. I was convinced we had been successful and the groundhog would not see his shadow.

The city of Puttingneg scheduled a big parade for Groundhog Day. They had floats of various sizes. Motorcycles and cars blew its horn as they drove down the streets. All of the schools participated in the parade. I enjoyed the high school marching band as they marched down the street. James family farm carriages rode in the parade. Cindy rode in the parade with her mom, the mayor. I admired Mrs. Johnson, Cindy’s mom. When I would visit Cindy, She would politely say, “Chelsea,” relaxes, you are at home. Mrs. Johnson invited me over to dinner all the time during the holiday season. She cooked some of the best corn bread I ever tasted. The parade
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My grandparents took the train from Normandy, Kansas to visit Puttingneg. My Grandfather once told me the scenic routes were beautiful from the train. Even the president of the United States and family made yearly visits.

Groundhog Day was a big day for the mayor and the city. The mayor and city council members were excited and full of joy. This was an opportunity for them to shine and have their city recognized as one of the leading cities in America. When the parade reached the zoo, the mayor got out of the car and Cindy followed. I was already at the groundhogs habitat when Cindy saw me.

When Cindy saw me, she yelled and called out my name,
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