Personal Narrative Essay On Halloween

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On October 30 I was really excited that the tomorrow was Halloween and that I can get candy. When I was at school, I was talking to my friends and telling them what I was going to be for Halloween I told them I was going to be the Grim Reeper that had fake blood that ran down the face of the mask. After school, we got ready to go to the big houses and trick or treat there, but we still had to wait until it was almost sundown so I started to play outside for a little bit. Me ,my brothers, sisters and my neighbors were going outside to play some tag. When we got outside, we had decided that we were going to play zombie tag instead of regular tag. My family loves to play zombie tag and during the summer we play it every…show more content…
Then we finally went to be dad’s friend’s house again and then we told our dad that we lost our brother and then are dad told us ‘‘he was here the whole time and that his bucket got full’’. “Then he came here’’. So then we found him in the house watching a movie and asked him if he wanted to go outside and get more candy and he said ‘‘why not’’. That was the best Halloween ever. This year I am going to help my little sister trick or treat by getting her candy instead of myself candy I am a little bit over aged that’s what my dad said. I am also going to answer the door for trick or treaters While my brother is going to be behind the porch in his costume to scare people from behind. This year is going to be fun because me and my brother are going to stay in the shadows with our black sites and scare people from the bushes. Me and my other sister will be watching our dads light show so nobody tries to take it down. We all will be rotated from the door in the shadows to the light show with my little sister.That will make this years Halloween the
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