Personal Narrative Essay On Harry's Life

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As Harry is running to shoot the goal he notices that he has close to no more time, Harry quickly thinks of how he's going to make the goal. He passes one person but he still has 2 to go, luckily for harold he's the fastest person on the field. Running even with his lungs collapsing harold passes the 2 defenders, He shoots for the goal and makes it! This will dramatically help his team for this season. Harry then collapses because he couldn't breathe correctly. Harold is then rushed to the hospital, everyone worrying about him makes his coach worry even more. 2 hours pass and everyone is waiting in the lobby with suspense. the nurse comes out and tells everyone that harry had a heart everyone gasps but then the nurse finishes her sentence and tells them that it was minor and that he…show more content…
Harry goes to class all pale and nervous and goes through the whole day. The day ends and he goes home expecting to get a call from the school that “your son has been smoking” but surprisingly that didn't happen and he got home went to his room and nothing happened. Harry goes through 4 whole days without smoking which was great for all the practice days he had. When harry then went to school the next day he had soccer in the afternoon. S the whole day goes by and he goes to the locker room changes and gets out before anyone else but he brings his cigarettes with him which was a bad idea that he didn't think he would get in trouble for. Harry goes outside and he is the only one there so he thinks it's a good idea to go smoke behind the building. Harry lights his cig and then the door opens for the back which no one ever uses and his coach comes out. They both had a stare down and coach kicks harry off the team until he stops smoking. The heart attack made coach know it was from the cig’s he's been smoking. So Harry goes home lays in bed with all his clothes and just stares down on his cleats his prized

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