Personal Narrative Essay On Mcdonald's Cashier

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What do you want to have? says McDonalds cashier. I 'll have a ten piece chicken nuggets with a root beer, I say. It was another dark, rainy day in San Francisco. We came off to have our dinner just before we went to the basketball game. Homeless people were all around the McDonalds ready to cash in their daily earnings on their dinner. I felt a sense of uneasiness walking back to the table, hoping nothing remotely odd would happen. There at the table were my three friends Will, Chris, and Richard. Will is a short for a guy his age and has a fairly high pitched voice as well. Chris was a tall, strong crewman from San Francisco. Richard was an skinny medium heighten freshman whom was living in San Francisco for one year. When is the next bus…show more content…
The bus that just stopped a minute ago was the bus we should have gone on. The next bus comes in twenty minutes, says Richard. The girls basketball game was going to start in thirty minutes so we had to devise a plan. The only way we can see the girls basketball game is if we walk in the rain to the game, says Richard. It pouring with rain on the streets of San Francisco with no sign of stopping, with no overhangings around to stop the rain. How long of a walk is it, I ask. About fifteen minutes, Richard says. We then discuss our options again while right beside the McDonald 's. We should take a vote, says Chris. All in favor to walk to the game say “I” Everyone says “I”. We started walking at a fast rate going across streets. We come across a stop light and overlooking us is a large hill. Most of us were wearing sweatshirts which instantly got drenched. Futhermore, we decided the only way we would get less drenched was by moving fast. When the light turns and allows us to cross we start jogging up the hill. Chris almost slips with Vans which don 't have enough support in the rain or running. We then finally make it to the game laughing about how crazy the journey was through the city in the
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