Personal Narrative Essay On My High School Experience

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Personal Narrative Essay Believe it or not, sometimes a gracious action can bring a huge influence on a person. When I read the introduction that instructor Heller wrote, there is a sentence she wrote: “Sometimes the most influential moments in our lives are smaller moments, events that we may not recognize as influential until years after the experience.” For some reason, I related to it strongly. My story is about my high school experience. Also, I will share some significant moments in my life, and how these smaller moments changed my personality. Let’s go back to five years ago. Things happened during my high school period, really changed me a lot. When I was fifteen years old, my family move from China to America, and that was my first time came to America. To be honest, the first few months of my high school life is a torture for me. Why I describe that period time as a torture? The reason was I suffered school-bulling and teasing in the first month. At that time, my English was very poor, so I can barely write a few short paragraphs and read some short article. Also, I was shy, and very scared to talk to people. That was the first month in my high school, in a Language and Arts class. Our English teacher Mr. Peterson let us read an eight pages article and wrote three paragraphs journal about our opinions. It was easy for my classmates because they were all Americans, but it was hard for me. I was the only one who cannot finish that in-class assignment, so I just
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