Personal Narrative Essay On My Human Experience

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Annotation I wrote my narrative essay on my experience I had with my Human Experience teacher when I first arrived at Eckerd College. I wrote this narrative story for my Writing Processes class with Dr. Kelly as my intended audience. After writing this essay I think that a good audience to read my paper would be for any incoming college students. My story explains that although I want to be as successful as my parents, I don 't need to follow exactly in their footsteps. I intend to share this story with incoming freshman to encourage them to choose a major they are passionate about, not one forced upon them by outside influences. From reading my story, I hope the audience learns to not let other people’s actions influence their choices or aspirations in life. After I received very useful feedback from my first draft, I realized that that my biggest flaw in my paper was the holistic impression. In order to fix this I needed to make sure that my main point, or lesson of this essay came across clearly. The main idea of my essay is to not let others influence your choices. I revised my coda and…show more content…
Once he asked what influenced me to choose International Business, I realized that I really did not want this to be my major, I chose International business because my parents told me to. I knew I could rely on success in International Business because of my parents success. I was not interested in international business, I just knew it was a safe choice. Coming to the realization that I didn 't want to follow in my parents footsteps made me upset. I wasn 't sure if I was upset at my parents for making me think I wanted to major in business, myself for believing to them, or Irby for challenging my thoughts on this major. I couldn 't blame anyone but myself for letting my parent’s actions influence my thoughts and desires. Although I knew my parents were totally in control of my tuition, I knew they would support me if I were to tell them I didn 't want to be a
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