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Open Cages Of course, it is true that biology and the environment is directly involved with the way humanity develops overtime. Whether that development is positive or negative much like the energy around us. Grasping the massive relationship between ourselves, the environment and biology on a broader scale enables us to withstand and conquer situations as they are constantly presented throughout our lives. Both personal and external difficulties are hard to work past which can make many people feel as though they have no control, myself included. Learning to develop a heathy mindset has begun to change circumstances I had begun to feel caged in. Allowing myself to become focused on what I could be makes all the difference with getting lost in my…show more content…
I would watch tv and recite things that sounded important as though they had purpose. I liked going to see my pediatrician because of the nice professionalism of the women there; all the files and colored papers and nice handwriting was admiring for me. Soon enough I realized I was into math and science, which turns out to be the medical field. I was always a good student but battled with consistency, all during high school it was an uphill battle getting myself to understand that high school was a given for to enhance myself for my future. During College I have had some similar issues I have been working to break myself out of the cycle of being in an inconsistent state. In that state I have the tendency to think I won’t be accepted into any of the programs of my interest because of varying transcripts. I am pushing forth will my best efforts changing my use of resources and managing my time. I have turned to better habits like working to complete assignments the day they are assigned. I would much rather be caged in with feelings of success rather than despair about a mounting workload. I am doing what I know it takes to get where I need to
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