Personal Narrative Essay On Pull Up

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My brother Andrew was a humble and feeble guy who always chose to work independently. As my brother Andrew rushed in the house just from school, he was extremely happy because finals in high school were over but still had two tests to overcome. Two challenging tests, a chemistry test full of tricky questions and a fitness test which include the mile, push-ups, pull ups, etc. My brother was a feeble guy just like me and was always especially afraid of doing pull ups. He murmured to himself, “How I am suppose to do a pullup? I simply just either take an “A” or a “F”? Mr. Kenworthy won’t even take a grade between A and F. Why?” Writing his homework at the same time, I thought about that question too. How? I then exclaimed, “Ooh, I have that pull up test at the end of the semester too but we get modified pull ups which we can get at the most is 16 resulting in “B-” Andrew then in fury exclaimed, “Shut Up. That 's what I thought.” Ignoring him, I then asked, “You know that setting up my trombone requires a lot of energy and muscles which can help you gain more bone support and stronger muscles. This way you will get an “A” on the pull-ups test, right?” Andrew then replied, “And where did you get that evidence from?” I then responded, “A breaking news from the University of Michigan, from a professor who had…show more content…
He didn’t trust me but atleast he did get a punishment for a few days which I felt pretty interesting because he was the one who usually bossed me around. I just tend to hate to spend 30 seconds just to clear out the spit and also touch the cold brass. Some ways I thought to improve it was to continue more dialogue even if he didn’t believe it was true. For the rest of the week, I was stuck setting up the trombone but I gained a pencil for homework
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