Personal Narrative Essay On Senior Quest

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Khiana Le For my senior interview, I was interviewing Grace Callahan, who had the experience of two different schools. We had met each other prior to the school year during soccer. I didn 't really know much about her, except for the fact that she always seemed cheerful. The day of the interview came, and I thought that I was prepared. The block before the interview was when I finally checked my questions. They weren 't there, and I was freaking out. Luckily, a good friend of mine let me borrow his questions. Finding Grace wasn 't very hard when she stepped into the crew room, and I already knew that we were paired up, so we just got right to work. We went to the back left corner of the wellness room and sat down next to the green semi…show more content…
She made many new friends though, in her crew she found that she had instant connections with people, but her crew was divided. Her crew had groups of people that were close to each other, but overall they were not a unified community. It was hard at first for them because they didn 't really click until senior quest. She said “my crew is way closer now, than sophomore year. It doesn 't even compare. Especially Senior Quest, that was really important for our crew. It was a real turning point and our crew really came together during senior quest.” Hearing that inspired me to try and keep my crew together, which is ironic because our journey has only just started. But, we aren 't that close right now, and it 's better safe than sorry. Another thing that we talked about that I found interesting were classes. Here, CBHS doesn 't have honors classes, but looking back on it, Grace said that having the option of doing exceeds is better so that you can steady yourself if you need to. Following the talking about the classes and the benefits, we started talking about intensives. Her favorite intensive was Junior Journey, even though it wasn 't actually an intensive. Since the trip was last
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