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Failure is not something I am used too. It leaves you with regrets that could tear you apart. One of my biggest regrets was in my senior year. This boy named Joshua Morgan was someone you could call an outsider. He was different than everyone else at Velma. By different I mean he was gay. I never had anything against gays as long as they did not try to flirt with me. That was one thing Joshua never tried. He always stuck to himself. No one ever hung around him. That was until senior year. A new girl from up north befriended him. Everyone was shocked. We lived in a small community and the community really did not accept gays. This new girl views were so different from the communities. She tried to change the way things were. Some say she disrupted…show more content…
I saw a Snapchat and it was Joshua talking to the group of girls from before. I saw that from the angle of the video then they must have been trying to hide their phone. I confirmed my guess when I did not see Joshua at lunch that day. I needed to tell someone but I did not know who to tell. For the rest of the day everyone talked about the Snapchat video. I was fed up hearing about it. Only problem was the storm was just beginning. The new girl tried to stay with Joshua at all times but sometimes she would have to go. I started to notice it was when she left the bullies would show. They would call him names like faggot or gay boy. One day Joshua got fed up with everyone and said to one of the bullies “I want to hurt you like you have hurt me ”. Rumor got around school that he was going to shoot up the school. Joshua was expelled and no one heard from him sense. A month or two after Joshua’s expulsion I saw her crying outside on a park bench. I could not help but wonder why she would be so sad so I went over to say hello. A walk in the park turned into buying her dinner. Next thing I know it was ten o’clock at night. We said our goodbyes and I went home to

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