Personal Narrative Essay On Snowboarding

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I’m on a mountain, I just overcame my first obstacle the chair lift. Which I thought would be harder than it was I miraculously didn’t fall or knock over the other skiers/snowboarders. I glanced back up at the gleaming mountain becoming easily distracted by the flawless stroke of every turn as the pros make their way down. I say quietly to myself “Isn’t this suppose to be a beginners hill?” They have gopros strapped to their helmets and are racing each other down. All I can think in that moment is how am I supposed to be able to do that. Those suave perfect turns the gentle touch the snowboard has with the fresh powder from that morning. They look at each other with excitement in their eyes and adventure in their hearts. I feel completely uncomfortable and awkward. Pushing off and hit the ground face first. The ice cold snow melts onto my face, I laugh at myself and hope to god the people around me didn’t see that. No one was paying attention to me they all had this type of confidence and excitement to learn and grow. I stood back up and headed down the hill with all force, not knowing how to turn I abruptly put my snowboard on healedge and slammed to a stop. Little did I know I was already halfway down the hill.…show more content…
I wasn’t put into snowboarding classes while still in diapers, I didn’t have parents who were able to teach me, I had to choose it all on my own at the age of thirteen. Because I wanted to learn something new and nobody was going to stop me. I still get upset at the feeling of “failing” which in fact is not failing, after all I have done to get their, I have done anything but fail. I still feel the shame that comes over me when I think I’m so much older than the other newbies and why can’t I get it if they can. But with the willingness and aim to do what I know in my heart I can do, I try just a little
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