Personal Narrative Essay On Tennis Tryouts

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Tennis Tryouts Fear, anticipation, excitement: these words all describe how I was feeling the morning before my first high school tennis practice, which was also the tryouts for varsity. I knew that it would be hard, but I was confident that varsity was within my grasp. I was, however, trying not to get my hopes up in case I did not get on, and if I was on JV, then I would be my friend Molly’s doubles partner. This day would determine my whole freshman tennis season. The early morning of August eleventh was cool, with a slight breeze. I arrived at the courts around 7:30 AM with my sweating bottle of water, my new Wilson tennis racquet, and determination. My eyes scanned the courts, looking for my classmates, and when I found no one, I looked to my mom. “Mom, I’m so nervous, I can’t do this!” I whined with a pleading look.
“You’ll be fine, we love you no matter what, good luck.” she said seriously.
Slowly, I opened the door of the red family Rav4, got out of the car, and walked over to the gate of the Reedsburg High School tennis courts. Opening the gate, I spotted tall, lean, and graying Coach Brandt, who I recognized from registration, standing in the alley between the two sets of
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I have a chance!! I knew I could do it!! I screamed in my head. We followed Brandt onto the varsity court, where we told who we would play next and what the LaCrosse tournament would be about. I played against Ashley, a senior who was out last year because of a knee injury, first. She played really well, but I think that I won only because she was not warmed up yet. I played each girl, and I won four and lost four. I was unsure about whether or not this would be enough to stay on varsity or only play for the LaCrosse game. I remembered what my mom said earlier about loving me no matter what, and I realized that whether or not I got on varsity, I was still doing what I love and it did not matter either way. I still wanted to play varsity my freshmen year,
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