Personal Narrative Essay On Test Track

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Have you ever done something fun with your family? Last summer, I went to Walt Disney World and rode the incredible ride, Test Track with my family. Going on Test Track taught me that it’s more fun to be with your family. To begin, we walked around Epcot for the beginning of the day. We ate at different restaurants and went on fun rides. Epcot is a very exciting park to walk around because of all of the decorations and activities. My favorite exhibit in Epcot is the huge Epcot golf ball. When it started to get dark, we felt rain. So, we ate at a restaurant in the Germany part of The Epcot Countries. Epcot has different areas along a lake that are countries that have restaurants and sometimes rides that represent the country. Some countries they have are Canada and Mexico. My sister had an app that told her if rides were closed and the wait time. Because it was now pouring outside, the app was going between open and closed. My family and I decided just to walk to the ride. We walked through the empty park until we reached Test Track. I could see dank puddles all over the pavement and I smelled the rainy, humid air around us. I heard people screaming on rides. Test Track was luckily was open, but the wait was…show more content…
We were in a car. The worker running the ride said “Are you all ready? 3...2...1...go!” At that instant, the ride took off. Throughout the drive, we went through different weather dilemmas to test the cars we created earlier. There were hurricanes, heat waves, and snow storms.In one area, there were red and orange flashing lights to represent a huge warning. Then, the car sped up extremely fast and traveled outside.”Vroom!” The car went. I felt the cold rain splash my face as we zoomed around the track. It was as cold as a winter breeze. I smelled the moist, humid air and heard everyone behind me cheering and screaming loudly. I could see an enormous lightning bolt rapidly strike and everyone gasped as we entered indoors
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