Personal Narrative Essay On 'The Bloody Surgery'

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The Bloody Surgery I always remember that day, when I was three years old. Yes three, all of you would wonder how she could remember this day while she was little kid. Sometimes, I’m also asking myself why my memory was able to graph this event on my mind while the majority of the days of my childhood just flew away. On this day, I walked through a painful experience. I discovered the feeling of losing control of my body. On this day, I had my first surgery, and it was a tonsillectomy. Two weeks before the surgery, I was sick. I couldn’t sleep at night and my days were miserable. I was forced to take medicines that were just some bitter liquids for me. They didn’t make the pain stop as the doctor…show more content…
Why were they torturing my body? I wanted to scream, to push away the doctors, to run away but I realized that they were holding my hands and feet. My surgeon was wearing a green mask and his scary tiny eyes were turning around. He was a monster. I got exhausted of resistance so I closed my eyes again and kept waiting for my death. The flashlight turned off. I opened my eyes. The clarity went away, and the room sank in the dark. The doctor’s face appeared by a small shade of light. He put away his mask and smiled at me. The moments of anxiety, disaster, and emotional pain had just ended. I felt like my body belonged to me again and the pressure was gone. I was alive. Finally, this experience made me realize that no matter how things look scary and threatening, they could fade away and end in a while. And the world isn’t only full of happiness and joy but it’s this combination between white and black keys that gives sweet music exactly like a piano. I remember that after this experience, I learned how to trust people other than my parents, and I finally get rid of this psychological complex that every child have about doctors. This was an emotional surgery more than a physical one, an experience in which I knew the feelings of fear, loneliness, weakness and inability. And the first step for me to have a clearer vision about the world, a realistic vision about
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