Personal Narrative Essay On Track

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The smell of the smoke, the voices of the incredulous crowd, the slight shaking of my arms as my fingertips are placed right below my mark. "On your mark. Get set. Go." As I powered out of my blocks harder than ever before all I could think about is how I could not afford to mess up. All the pressure was on me, since I was the first leg in the 4x100, not to mention it was the City Track and Field Championship. "Focus Chyna. Get the baton to Ashlee," is what was going through my mind as I ran the hardest I had ever. I passed the baton to my teammate and watched her run her fastest, relieved that I got the baton across the track without any mishaps. "Come on View Park!" As I ran across the field cheering, basically running with my teammates, all I could do is smile. We had won. Ran…show more content…
In a way I was forced by mother to run but I cannot do anything but thank her for introducing me to the sport because I have been running ever since and I love it. Coming from a long line of track runners, it was embedded in my blood to run and I excelled soon as I stepped foot on the track. Don 't get me wrong I do not consider myself the best, but I was meant to run. Track is my life, I wouldn 't know what to do without it, not only has it benefitted me physically but also it has taught me discipline and leadership. Once I began running in high school, is when I noticed track is not easy and I would have to really dedicate my time and strength to the sport. I remember my coach always reiterating "track is all mental, it 's not about how fast you are."

Track is my outlet. Coming from a low income family and not living in the best neighborhoods, I should have been a victim of the harsh realities exposed to me but I did not because of track. Between school, practice, and clubs I had no time to be involved with the horrific street life of the South Central. Track is my everything and without it I would not be the young woman I am
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